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I realized two things about Bonnie Hart right after my first lesson with her. First, she gets results.  My range, tuning, and confidence improved after the first hour I spent with her—she knows what she's doing, and I'm excited about how she can help me take my voice to the next level.  Second, she radiates warmth and is so fun and encouraging that when my lesson's over, I'm already looking forward to returning to her studio to sing with her some more!

-Rob Dietz, Baritone

I have had the immense pleasure of studying with Bonnie Hart for nearly two years; she is truly a first-class voice and a world-class teacher. Her passion for singing and her heart for music are both a blessing and an inspiration to her students. Bonnie’s is the perfect studio for students seeking comprehensive instruction on vocal technique, theoretical knowledge, emotional appreciation, and how to fuse each flawlessly with the others.

​Bonnie teaches in “ingredients”; she teaches you what to do with your tongue, your breath, your resonance, your consonants, your body, etc. She facilitates each ingredient, training you to adjust each and every ingredient independently to attain the desired technique, feeling, and sound. She is essentially teaching you to teach yourself. 

​Unlike many classical-oriented pedagogists, Bonnie does not renounce all genres but opera; in fact she encourages their study. Although opera and musical theatre are often viewed as conflicting or mutually exclusive styles, they have commonalities. Bonnie relates two supposedly conflicting genres by comparing and contrasting which ingredients are present in both and which ingredients are either different or absent from one or the other. In this way, you attain a thorough understanding of each genre and, most importantly, you learn to sing each correctly without damaging your voice.

​Bonnie’s teaching style is superb and is constantly relevant; as you progress and improve, she continuously revises your program to always challenge and inspire you. On a personal note, Bonnie has an uncanny empathetic gift to communicate with anyone and uses it wisely to further your training as a singer.

​As I pursue a career in opera, I am confident in saying that my success will largely be because of her and the education I have received as a member of her studio. Regardless of what she has taught me, I am truly blessed to have known Bonnie; her heart and her passion make her a beautiful human being. 

--Emily Chuinard, Mezzo-Soprano


I knew we had a connection from the get go. It was great to be back singing again with such a professional teacher like Bonnie! I can’t tell you the places you will go when you sing with her. If you put in the time and effort, there are no limits to where Bonnie can take you.  Not only through singing that she has helped me, but in the rest of my life as well, it has been great to get to know her, and her family. I love them all! 

-Spencer Mair, Tenor


Bonnie is the best teacher I've ever had (with the exception of my parents). She is so sweet and kind but really knows how to get down to business.. She has a remarkable talent for singing and teaching alike, and customizes her teaching style to fit each individual student. In my studies with Bonnie i have been inspired, uplifted, and encouraged. Her unique style of using the physiology of the body for vocal technique is fast-paced and effective. Bonnie challenges her students to better themselves and increase their potential, and i can attest that it works!  It is an honor to work with someone of her quality and a privilege to know her as my teacher and my friend.

- Lizzie Gullerud, Soprano

I had the pleasure of beginning my studies with Bonnie Hart a little over two and a half years ago. Before I met Bonnie, I was experiencing a lot of technical tension in my voice. I was also struggled personally with what role vocal performance played in my life, especially as I continued working toward my undergraduate degree in biology. Bonnie has helped guide me with immensely insightful teaching skill. I have grown as a musician both technically and personally in ways I did not think possible under Bonnie's expert tutelage. Bonnie has empowered me and given me the tools to come to my own conclusions about what technique and vocal performance as a whole mean to me. I appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm Bonnie has to teaching her students. In my lessons, if  I do not understand a certain concept she will explain it many different ways allowing me to grasp the concept in the way that best makes sense to me. It is obvious that she is extremely passionate about vocal pedagogy and establishing a strong, positive teacher-student bond. I am forever grateful for the growth I have received through Bonnie's teaching, and am inspired by the evident success and experience she has. Bonnie has been a primary figure in my decisions to continue to pursue the art of vocal performance.

-Hannah Voss, light lyric Coloratura Soprano


"Versatile. Motivational. Nurturing. Bonnie is a wonderful teacher – she has nurtured our daughter Saha in a manner that is beyond our expectations. We have enjoyed her through our daughter. She has found in Saha a potential that truly shines only due to the nuanced approach to vocals that Bonnie incorporates. Bonnie understands the familial and cultural values Saha brings to the art she is learning and approaches that with great sensitivity. She has trained her to perform classically and appreciate the technique and deep strengths that classical training provides.  Bonnie has also taught to enjoy performing and cherish the musical genre that enables her to share her talents and training more broadly. That is a feat to accomplish as Saha started with her at a young age of 8. It is a rare 8 year old that can sing the praise of classical operatic training and look forward to it! Bonnie also understands how to inspire, challenge and empathize no matter the skill or the age. We feel privileged that Saha has had the good fortune of starting her vocal training with Bonnie and has grown under her. We look forward to the years ahead. “

-Parents of Saha. B. Kumar, Soprano


I was amazed that Bonnie took me in, given my rank beginner status, and we began work immediately.  Her focus on technique early on has
made a significant impact on my understanding and progress. She is a gracious, patient and engaged partner with each of her students.
Highly recommended.

-Ed Gallagher, Tenor


Bonnie is a wonderfully responsive teacher.  She recognized my child's learning style and presented information in a way that was a perfect fit. She provides enthusiastic feedback and guidance throughout the lessons.  She is also receptive to parent feedback about the students' experiences practicing at home.  Bonnie clearly wants each student to succeed and is committed to helping them do so!

-Parents of Elise Steinberg, Soprano

Bonnie uses many different techniques to reach where you are at. She always finds a way for you to understand and practice the new concepts. She has a thousand ways to get there and tailors them to your skill level.

She helps you identify with singing through other activities you do in your life so the concepts are not so abstract. For example, I am a dancer and she uses examples from the "dancing world" for me to see what it is that we are doing, and then the concept we are working on makes complete sense!

-Sole Ciganda, Soprano


As a classically-trained vocalist who has studied at both Brigham Young University and in the Oregon State University music program, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of different vocal instructors over the years. I can say without hesitation that none have helped me in to realize my potential as a classical vocalist more than Mrs. Hart.  Her understanding of vocal technique and ability to help her students achieve their fullest potential, especially for the male voice, is in my experience, unparalleled. 

Before I began studying with Mrs. Hart about 15 months ago, I was merely a singer with potential, much of which had been untapped. I lacked confidence in myself and had not developed a strong understanding of exactly how to use my instrument to its fullest potential. However, with the assistance of Mrs. Hart, I have been able to achieve a quality of singing and a belief in myself that has led me to give serious consideration to pursuing a full-time professional career for the first time since I left college more than a decade ago.

My experiences as her student, combined with an understanding of her own education, professional background in opera and her passion for the art, give me great confidence in recommending her as one of the best voice teachers in the business!

- Joseph Battrick, Tenor

I just had my first lesson with Bonnie and what a pleasant surprise and relief it was! I have never had any kind of vocal training but it has been a life-long goal to be able to sing, and Bonnie was so encouraging. She had plenty techniques and guidance even on our first lesson and took great care to listen to what my specific goals are, to calm my anxieties, and to help me see the possibilities for the future. She learned very quickly where I am at and where I want to go, and tailored the lesson to me. I will definitely be continuing to work with her and am very excited!

- Jessi H.

Bonnie has truly transformed my voice. She coached me through insane vocal tension and in no time sent me off to become a singer. Helping me to apply for competitions and schools throughout my time with her. I have seen her teach all different voice types and everyone who takes lessons has a positive, productive experience. I highly recommend her to any singer. Beginner or professional.

- Oakley Chiappisi-Livermore, Tenor.


I had several teachers before I met Sylvia Anderson as an undergraduate at The San Francisco Conservatory of music.  She is the instructor I will forever revere and regard as the teacher who taught me more about life and myself as well as singing.  This is why I teach the way I do, although entirely my own way.  This is credit in her ability to create and cultivate artists.  I thank her and appreciate the life lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn from her; especially the ability to find humility in song and in life.

To learn more about my teacher Sylvia Anderson, visit:

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