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Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month and can be paid in cash, check or credit card. if you pay per lesson, then please have your payment ready.  I am not a collection agency nor do I wish to become one…Truly, I would teach you all for free if I could!


Cancellation policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy that MUST be adhered to!  Please give me the courtesy of calling 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time if you must cancel.  This is so I can schedule someone to take your place in your absence.  The 24 hour policy does not apply to illness.


IF you are sick and can’t make your lesson because you are contagious or too sick to sing---I will give you a make-up lesson!  


IF you do Not call to cancel your lesson or forget your lesson… forfeit not only the lesson but the tuition you paid for it.  My time is precious as is yours, so please come to your lessons or follow the 24 hour policy.  There are always exceptions, however, and I understand that life happens!



Make-up policy

You have two months to make up your lesson from the lesson missed.  I teach make-up lessons on an individual time frame.  Please contact me to reschedule your lesson.

It is your responsibility to schedule your make-up lesson with me in a timely manner.

If I am the one cancelling, I will give you the choice to have a makeup lesson, roll the lesson over to the next month or skip it all together and reconvene at your next scheduled lesson.  



What To Expect

Beginners:  For many students their first voice lesson feels like they got hit by the singing bus.  During our first session I am trying desperately to see how you learn.  I may ask you odd questions about sound or how you understand pictures and color.  Expect to be confused often as you learn this new language of sound.  But, if you are willing I am quite persistent!  Just know that when you sing I hear the best of you.  If I didn’t hear what your voice was capable of then I couldn’t possibly take you there.

Intermediate:  By the intermediate stage I expect good even air flow that results in a natural vibrato.  This is when we can start to delve into more creative repertoire.  This will also be an intense time of hills and plateaus.  Expect to be frustrated with knowing what you must do and letting your air do it for you.  As the voice expands into further resonances, we must avoid pushing the voice and falsifying our sound.

Advanced/professional:  This is truly my forte; the icing on the cake!  I do very well with the adult professional who needs fine tuning or vocal rehabilitation.  It may the singer who sounds fantastic to everyone else, yet I hear the slight tongue tension that hold their air making it difficult for them to open up to their full resonance etc.

 This is also the time for the voice to meet character and become one without sacrifice of either.  I stand by the famous Italian phrase, Prima la voce, first the voice.  Yet, isn’t it possible for the two to be one?  Yes, let me show you how!


Observing lessons

 With permission, any of my studio students are welcome to sit in on the Intermediate and Advanced student’s lesson.    All students who give permission to be observed will be highlighted on the schedule after you sign in at the Student Login above. Observationallows the viewing student to learn further insight while giving the performing student an opportunity to handle their anxiety and nerves in a calm and nurturing environment. 

There is no sitting in on beginner lessons.  The extra anxiety would cause too much distraction and tension in their training.  How can you perform without understanding your instrument first?  

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